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  • HeyMrWaters EliteBodyTuneUp Full Training/Diet LOG!

    What's up everybody?
    Yesterday(11-11-13) marked day 1 of my training/diet program from so you know what that means...time to keep a log and track the progress of the transformation that is about to come forth!!

    But before I get to the juiciness, I just wanted to say thank you to OSL and EBT, HeavyIron and AMF, Apostolic777, and BlueJayMuscle...because without any of them none of this would be possible. Thanks guys.

    I am also about to start a transformation contest for Alv Gear while using EBT services, but I will keep a separate log for that over on ASF, will post up a link to it once that contest starts for anyone that would like to follow along over there too.....but I will keep this baby running all the way through and it will solely be based on diet training and my overall experiences and thoughts with EBT.

    This log will be updated daily(at least 5 days a week) all the way until the end and there will be plenty of pictures and fun so come on it and enjoy the ride with me. Let's get this party started

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                Current Stats:
                5'6 - day 1 weight of 170.4
                I will be weighing myself every Wednesday and Sunday, so be on the lookout for that fellas.

                The Plan:
                For now I will be carb cycling, 2 low days 1 high day 2 low days 1 high day 1 reward day REPEAT.
                Eventually I will be transitioning into full out keto, but that will come later on.

                My training will consist of a 3 day push legs pull split, in that order. I also have the option to have an extra workout on the weekends if I feel up to it, to work on any lagging bodyparts/hit arms/ etc.
                Cardio wise we will start off slow and eventually ramp it up towards the end, right now its 2 HIIT cardio sessions per week post workout, and 2 LISS fasted sessions per week(may do 3 if I workout an extra day that week - will play it by feel.)

                More updates to come!


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                  Right on brother!

                  Kill it!
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                  All posts are for entertainment and may contain fiction. Consult a medical doctor before using any medications or supplements. Heavyiron and do not advocate readers engage in any illegal activity.


                  • HeyMrWaters
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                    Of course! Time to do the damn thing. Thanks for following.

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                  Lets see what your made of... Are you par taking in any of gods nectar (anabolics)


                  • HeyMrWaters
                    HeyMrWaters commented
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                    Well of course!!! But this log is going to be mostly about EliteBodyTuneUp, and my results/review of them, pretty much an all access view at how EBT works and hopefully send some guys their way, confident that they will get results based off what they see in my log!
                    All the gear related info (running a log for alv gear) will be here

                    It'll probably be a bunch of the same stuff but I wanted to show respect to both companies........and next time I won't hide my half chub in my pictures DJ

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                  11-11-13 Push day/ HIIT Cardio/ Low Carb

                  *all lifts are done with minimal time between sets, no time to talk or text, just enough time for a sip of water then back at it.
                  *will hit failure on every set of every lift - these are all out iron chomping gym sessions that will leave you hurting afterwards.
                  *triceps will get plenty of work with routine so any work afterwards is completely optional

                  -Pec Dec (pre-exhaust)
                  -Incline Barbell Bench (heavy weight)
                  -Flat Dumbbell Bench (moderate weight)
                  -Low Cable Crossover (moderate weight)
                  -Dumbbell Side Laterals (moderate weight)
                  -Rear Laterals on Pec Dec (steady and slow contractions)
                  -Seated Smith Machine Shoulder Press (heavy weight) *by the time I got to these I was so done that all the weights felt "heavy" to me
                  -Seated Machine Dips (moderate weight) *triceps were too burnt for bodyweight dips so I hopped on this machine instead, was still pretty tough

                  *straight from weight room into cardio room

                  -15 minutes HIIT on eliptical (30 seconds max effort, 60 seconds moderate speed, repeat)

                  *low carb day
                  *all my low carb days and high carb days will pretty much look the same, the only thing that may change now is the order I eat them in based on my schedule

                  -omelet with portobello mushrooms
                  -protein shake with natty peanut butter post workout
                  -chicken breast and veggies
                  -chicken breast and veggies
                  -tilapia and veggies
                  -omelet and 2 tbs natty peanut butter

                  I spent the night prepping all my meals for the week(well everything but my omelets and shakes obviously haha). This is the only way I will succeed. I am a very high believer that Preparation = Success


                  Weight 170.4 – VERY VERY intense push day. Need to work on extra chest endurance – plan on doing extra work on perhaps Saturday.
                  Finished workout in 55 minutes, EBT would like it closer to 45 minutes so going to have to work on that. Even less time between sets!!
                  HIIT cardio was “different.” Going to have to get used to this over the normal LISS I have been doing.
                  Overall it was a great day in the gym, I’m going to need to take the advice I was given on the 0 cal energy drinks on low carb lifting days….black coffee didn’t cut it lol. Noticed that my core was still pretty tight 2 hours post workout, must be from the new cardio. Oh and I think EBT is trying to kill me good.


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                    Fasted LISS cardio only day.

                    I ran 2 miles this morning fasted in the AM no problem at a slow and steady pace. I am going to start upping it little by little during the following weeks.
                    Stayed up entire too late last night, didnt effect the cardio this morning but I am pretty damn tired now.
                    After yesterdays workout my chest has just felt weak all day. The typical burn from soreness was in my triceps but my chest was a whole nother level, I really wore it out yesterday.
                    Today dieting was spot on, no complaints no trouble in that department at all. Feeling very confident in the plan EBT has set up for me.
                    REALLY loving working with EliteBodyTuneUp. All questions comments or concerns I have are answered very quickly. Communication between client and coach is key and that is exactly what EBT offers

                    Tomorrow morning I will weigh myself first thing in the AM fasted, then enjoy a high carb day! And good because I'll need it with the high intensity leg day tomorrow on the schedule. Interested to see how my weight will fluctuate, the next weigh in after Wednesday will be on Sunday. and I guess I'll post progress shots once a week?? ....of course there will be swelfies post workout periodically (no time between sets for all that remember lol) so thanks for following along everybody, the best has yet to come!


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             Will post up my full entry later when I get to a computer, just wanted to put up a quick post leg day picture lol I was drenched in sweat. Well I'm starting meal 3 (yeah 10AM and I'm on meal 3 haha) so I'll holla at y'all later. Be good people.


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                        Keep up the great work bro, it is refreshing working with a client who not only is motivated but also, LISTENS and asks questions! EBT will break you down, then rebuild you, better, faster, stronger! Subbed!


                        • HeyMrWaters
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                          The best has yet to come

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                        11-13-13 Leg day/ HIIT Cardio/ High Carb
                        It's wednesday so you know what that means....official AM fasted weigh in.....
                        165.6!!!!! but thats to be expected, as I get depleted on low carb the weight will drop then tomorrow after the high carb day it'll probably shoot back up 5 more pounds lol. The beauty of carb cycling, and its going great so far.

                        and just a reminder....
                        *all lifts are done with minimal time between sets, no time to talk or text, just enough time for a sip of water then back at it. (took a lot of focus to do this between heavy squats)
                        *hitting failure is a must!
                        *finished workout in 50 minutes (45 is the goal)

                        -Leg Extensions (pre-exhaust)
                        -Squats (heavy weight)
                        -Leg Presses (heavy weight)
                        -Lying Leg Curls (heavy weight)
                        -Seated Calf Raises (slow and steady contractions)

                        *straight from weight room into cardio room

                        -15 minutes HIIT on eliptical (30 seconds max effort, 60 seconds moderate speed, repeat)

                        *high carb day (and a very tasty one I must add)

                        -cup blueberry greek yogurt, banana
                        -omelet, oatmeal
                        -protein shake and 2 tbs natty peanut butter
                        -chicken breast, white rice, broccoli
                        -chicken breast, lentils, broccoli
                        -omelet and 1 tbs natty peanut butter

                        Thanks the lord I had my cardio on the elliptical today it was FREEZING outside.
                        Loving this full body pump I have from hitting legs so hard, really gets the blood flowing. I'm sure the carbs pre workout helped with that also.
                        Core is feeling warmer as of late, EBT says that's from my metabolism "re vamping" back up. Pretty cool.
                        Loving everything so far, except walking up and down all the stairs today...ugh
                        I really see no need to do any ab work if you're doing HIIT cardio (for me at this point anyways) I really feel the soreness in my core post workout.
                        Between shocking my body with carbs and the intense day in the gym, I'm tired. Yawned all day long. Not feeling bloated or anything, just dog tired.
                        Thanks for following.